I just went to Dr. Gunderson for the first time the other day because I wasn’t happy with my other chiropractor.  I was skeptical about this place because it’s located in the California Family Fitness building and I’m used to chiropractors having their own place or being in a more formal setting.  But I was pleased.  The receptionist was fantastic – as happy as they come; just filled with sunshine and joy.  The Dr. did an initial check and then sent me to the room nextdoor for a quick massage by their on-duty masseuse (!), and she was excellent!  Then the Dr. adjusted me, and to finish off sent me into another room to spend a few minutes on one of those rolling tables.  I felt like I got the full treatment and I can’t wait for my next visit.

– Jay G

I have been going to Grunderson Chiropractic for a few years now and he always fixes me. Very Recommended for sport athletes and those who like to work out in the gym. If I ever feel out of line I go to see him, Not to mention the massage before the adjustment is a nice plus!

-Camron M.

Just to keep his well-deserved 5 star rating up to date….  I’ve been going to Dr. Gunderson since an injury in 2013.  Awesome Chiropractor.  In the initial interview I’m going on and on about why I was there and he asked something that prompted me to mention an old shoulder injury that I thought I was just stuck with forever.  He very quietly mentions in passing, “I can fix that”.  I’m thinkin’ – “cool”  and that was about it.  So he worked on my low back for the excruciating main reason I came in and then took a look at the shoulder.  After about 3 visits, my shoulder was PERFECT, I had full range of motion back!!   As well as he got my low back back in fighting shape after a few more visits.  As is typical, I’ve thrown it out 2 or 3 times since then and he always fixes me up.

-Valerie T.

Wonderful!  Got into a small fender bender and Gunderson chiropractic has helped me feel better day by day!

Carly C.