Priscilla Goddard is a Women’s Health and Wellness expert, specializing in Fertility. As a Holistic practitioner she works with you to find the root cause(s) creating your challenges. Her mission is to educate and inspire women to be their own advocate in natural fertility and wellness treatment. Through her clinical expertise and personal experience, Priscilla will guide you through each step to optimizing your health and fertility. Offerings of hormone balancing, cycle regulation, natural menopause relief, PCOS and Endometriosis treatment, egg quality, herbal remedies, blood testing, allergy testing and much much more. To schedule your consultation call the office or email Priscilla directly.

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Dr. Brad was born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He did his undergraduate studies at Ricks College in Rexburg Idaho, and then attended Life Chiropractic College in Hayward, CA graduating in 1990.